Why CubeGuard

Protect your productivity. Stop interruptions in their track!

It’s not about barricading yourself or hiding away inside your own cube. It’s about using a simple, elegant signaling tool to tell your co-workers “Please Do Not Disturb” when you are on a deadline or just need some dedicated work time. The retractable message banner mounts across your cubicle or office doorway providing a clear, visible message to on-site coworkers. If you’re out of the office, out to lunch or working from home, use CubeGuard to let people know where you are.

Top Reasons Why CubeGuard is the Best Workplace Status Tool Available

Great productivity tool
Provides a clear, visible message to your co-workers to "Please Do Not Disturb" when you need some uninterrupted work time.
Versatile status communication tool
Available with a variety of alternate messages to also let people know if you're out of the office, out to lunch or working from home. Or, deliver your own personal message with CubeGuard Custom.
Low cost
Pays for itself after stopping just the first few unwanted interruptions.
Easy to use
Installs in seconds in most office cubicles or entryways up to 50" wide using magnets or hook-and-loop tape. Zip out and display your retractable message banner when you need it.
Professional quality & appearance
Designed for office environments, made with heavy duty 100% polyester fabric banners, and printed using photo-quality printers. Much handier and more professional than using a hand-scribbled sign or barricading your entryway with obstacles like potted plants.
Compatible with Established Corporate Culture
Consistent with best practices of world-class corporations and recommendations by productivity experts – According to a Wall Street Journal article, IBM has advised workers to post a "do not disturb" sign when they need uninterrupted time for a project.

Rave Reviews from Press & Customer

So You Think You're an Entrepreneur - First ever 3 out of 3 passes awarded to a reviewed product!
"incredibly functional... saving you time and frustration..."
"literally installed in seconds... has a professional appearance..."
"I hung it up in my cubicle and immediately people stopped coming over to bother me." "…it was a huge hit around the office."
"Blocks entry to your cubicle in a polite, yet graphic, manner... Reasonably priced... "

CubeGuard Overview


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“I LOVE my CubeGuard. It turns away all those time-hogs that lurk at your cube and suck your time away. I'm saved from them at least five or ten times every day. Can't work without one!”

Adam Wilson, Support Engineer
Palm, Inc.




Installation & How-To

Product Features & Specifications
CubeGuard Measurement - Post MountCubeGuard Measurement - Cartridge
  • Easy to install using included magnets or hook & loop tape
  • Accommodates most office cubicle and doorway configurations
  • Fits entryways up to 50” wide
  • High quality design and construction
  • Design tested to over 10,000 cycles
  • Photo-quality 11-color printing on heavy duty 100% polyester fabric
  • Available with a variety of interchangeable message banners—custom messages available here at cubeguard.com

What's Included with CubeGuard Complete

  • 1 interchangeable CubeGuard banner cartridge with message
  • 1 CubeGuard post mount
  • 2 mount plates with magnets and self-adhesive hook & loop tape
  • Setup instructions
What's included
    Message Cartridge
Post Mount
Mount Plates       

Post Mount Close-Up
Cartridge Close-Up