About Us

John Stanton

Hi. I’m John Stanton, CEO of CubeGuard. After years working in cubicle environments both experiencing and observing frustration every time someone got interrupted, I realized there had to be a solution. Then it hit me: If only your cube could show your status like instant messenger does...and the CubeGuard product idea was born! But before I could design it, I had to set a few goals to ensure it would be something I’d enjoy using myself.

It had to:

  • Improve the cubicle environment. Cubicles aren't exactly life affirming, but CubeGuard could be.
  • Be unbelievably easy to install and use.
  • Allow personalization. Cover the basics but make sure people can create their own messages if they wanted to.
  • Keep the quality high. Don't you hate buying a product that doesn't work or breaks in a few uses? Me too. I wasn't going to let that happen with CubeGuard.
  • Keep the price down so it stayed affordable.

Did we succeed? We think so, but we’ll let you decide for yourself. And when you do, we'd love to hear what you think. Just email us at feedback@cubeguard.com.